Sandra Nakamura

Lima, 1981 [Lives and works in Lima, PE].


In the last 10 years, Nakamura´s practice has focused on the observation of processes involving the use of urban space and materials as merchandise, as well as public repository of memory and identity. These processes are referred from a poetic perspective to address spatial, social and economic conditions governing the transformation of our environment. More recent (and still unrealized) proposals aim to transfer these questions in contexts where the logic of the city loses validity when confronted with other ways of understanding the world that are not necessarily governed by the seizure and exploitation of the earth and all what is above and below it. The artist want´s her work to be understood in relation to current social concerns and policies; show that the work of the artist is not limited to an aesthetic dimension but also involves a social and political commitment.


Downloadable – Sandra Nakamura – Portfolio