Los restos de mi ceguera

13/07/2017 - 16/09/2017


Los restos de mi ceguera

Individual show by the artist Valeria Ghezzi

“It is not only that this man gives the impression of not believing in anything, is that in front of him one feels guilty to believe in something. It implies almost to his regret, that nothing is pure, that everything is sordid and that one can´t allow an illusion(…)Remember that an interpretation is never exhausted the sign, and that polysemy is a bottomless pit from where we receive infinite echoes: A word is never completely exhausted. Not even a letter, as you can see “(Fragment of La séptima función del lenguaje, Laurent Binet)


In the field of ambiguity of signs, appealing to the subjectivity of the viewer. Concepts are configured in a dimension where the boundaries become diffuse and the interpretations are generated from the personal environment.


The exhibition Los restos de mi ceguera brings together a series of oil works in large format, formulating fabrics and simulating slates. Pieces that coexist in their various connotations from the relationship of the author with his own country, thus questioning the lags of a colonial education and deepening in an identification with the pre-Columbian past and the landscape of his native place.


The relationship of these proposals arises from an intuitive process and an awareness of the impact of globalization on the ways of socializing. In this sense, the artist makes use of signs of written language to try to undo the conventional forms of textual communication. It is a formal and personal approach to face your present in constant opposition to the media and the consumption of information.


Valeria Ghezzi [Lima, 1974] is an independent visual artist. Her work has been exhibited individually in Peru and Spain and she has participated in various collective exhibitions and international art fairs in Peru, Spain, the United States, Italy and South Africa. She has been a guest artist of R. A. T. In Puerto Torino, Mexico, resident artist of the workshop The Spiritual in Art Practice in Montagnana Italy, among others. She is the co-founder of Socorro Espacio Polivalente in Lima, Peru.