Tensiones visuales

Jose Olano & Ricardo Rendon
19/10/16 - 17/11/16

Tensiones Visuales (Visual Tensions)

José Olano – Ricardo Rendón

From October 20 until November 18, 2016.


Wu Gallery continues to develop the annual exchange program between Latin American galleries and this time next to the gallery Nueveochenta (Bogota), presents the work of artists José Olano and Ricardo Rendón.

José Olano [Cali – Colombia, 1985] investigates through the assembly of everyday objects, concepts of stability and optical voltage to generate an atmosphere which alters the limits of the laws of equilibrium in space. The fragility of three-dimensional compositions created by Olano alludes to the precariousness underlying everything around us, the accident as always latent possibility. Perception is not only a sensory process through which we communicate with what surrounds us, but also the beginning of complex cognitive processes.

Ricardo Rendon [Ciudad de México, 1970] meets all sorts of materials and accommodates multiple formal solutions, supports and working procedures. His work serves as a daily complex where various actions are recorded, documented and retained in the processing and handling of materials and workplaces. In this sense, a sheet of paper, a sheet of wood or exhibition space are transformed into a time determined by the creative activity scenario within the physical, symbolic and aesthetic boundaries of space and working materials, an environment where it occurs to work as fact and evidence of fulfillment. It is thus the question of practical and creative work as a total composed of events and eventualities that constitutes the continuous flow of your startup same work.

Both artists challenge our perception to raise questions about the precariousness of the assembled objects or the breakdown of materials as a creative and autonomous process itself.

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