Trece interpretaciones del inicio y del fin

Ignacio Alvaro / Ana Teresa Barboza / Andrea D'Amario / Álvaro Icaza / Alejandro Jaime / Arturo Kameya / Sachiko Kobayashi / Verónica Luyo / Sandra Nakamura / Ana Orejuela / Natalia Revilla / Raúl Silva / Arturo Torres
10/12/2015 - 16/01/2016

Group Exhibition – Ignacio Alvaro, Ana Teresa Barboza, Andrea D’Amario, Álvaro Icaza, Alejandro Jaime, Arturo Kameya, Sachiko Kobayashi, Verónica Luyo, Sandra Nakamura, Ana Orejuela, Natalia Revilla, Raúl Silva, Arturo Torres.

“Thirteen interpretations of the beginning and the end”

From: December 10th, 2015 Until: January 16th, 2016


Wu Galería proposes to end the 2015 year with a collective exhibition named: Thirteen interpretations of the beginning and the end, inviting a group of young artists to intervene blank media in a common format and generate a reflection from each artistic approach to the idea of ” beginning ” and / or “end” addressing one or two words from their semantic, visual aesthetics, or even its sound and phonetics.

The project aims to encourage a free platform for artist’s exhibition, considering both words from the interpretative duality that has the month of December as the end of a year and the eve of the next. Common aspects of the proposal -the white support and the words given – excuse and metaphor to contrast what is in those artistic practice, sensitivity and recurring themes, somehow condensing the proposals that have been on the local scene the latter period.

Downloadable – Group exhibition – Wu Gallery



Photo credits of the exhibition: Eduardo Hirose